Study at top universities in Australia on a student visa. Student visas allow you to study part or full time in universities, ESL programs and vocational training programs.

To obtain a student visa, you will first have to determine your assessment level, choose a course of study and then apply for a visa in the correct category.

Assessment Level

Assessment levels are determined by the country you are from. Each country is assigned an assessment level, which is determined by the potential risk its citizens may pose to Australia if granted a student visa. Level 1 is the lowest risk and Level 5 is the highest.

These risks are assessed by the actions of groups from the country in question when granted a student visa, particularly if they complied with the rules and regulations of their visa, the laws and customs of Australia and how whether they succeeded in their studies. The higher your Assessment Level, the more evidence you will need to provide that demonstrates your suitability for a student visa.

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