Partner Visa Australia

If you’re looking for a visa that allows you to live with your partner in Australia, who is already an Australian citizen or permanent resident, Vision Migration is here to assist you in the process of obtaining a Partner visa.

What is a Partner Visa?

A Partner Visa enables the de-facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen or permanent resident to live in Australia on a temporary and permanent basis. There are two types of Partner Visas: Offshore and Onshore. If your partner is an Australian citizen, settled permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen residing in Australia, you may be eligible to apply for a Partner Visa.

If you choose to lodge a Partner visa application while you are already in Australia, you may be granted a Bridging visa. However, please note that the conditions of the Bridging visa might restrict your work or study rights based on your previous visa. The same conditions would apply to the Bridging visa associated with your Partner visa application.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, the initial visa granted will be a Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820 or Subclass 309). With this visa, you can live, work, and study in Australia temporarily. After holding the temporary visa for a period of two years, you will become eligible to apply for a Permanent Partner visa.

The Permanent Partner visa solidifies your status in Australia and allows you to live with your partner indefinitely. It provides you with the opportunity to continue working and studying in the country and offers a pathway to Australian citizenship, subject to meeting the relevant requirements.

At Vision Migration, our experienced migration agents will assist you throughout the entire process of preparing and submitting your Partner visa application. We understand the importance of being with your loved ones and aim to make the visa application process as smooth as possible for you.

With our expertise and guidance, you can navigate the Partner visa journey confidently and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

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